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Blank Slate Movement

An NFT project dedicated to exposing Confederate symbols in America.

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Our Mission

To build a community that exposes the influence of Confederate symbols.

There are ‘problematic narratives’ that do not do justice to the African American experience of the confederate wars in America. Statues and public symbols celebrating the Confederacy greatly outnumber those that commemorate the history of African Americans. 

The Blank Slate Movement

will change that narrative.

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What We Do

A Tribute to African American History in the Face of the Confederacy

The Blank Slate Movement (BSM) is an artistic response to the thousands of Confederate symbols throughout the United States of America. It follows on the momentum of the nationally acclaimed Blank Slate Monument tour (summer 2021) created by Ghanaian artist Kwame Akoto Bamfo.

Each BSM NFT will have publicly identifiable traits (geographical location coordinates, symbol type, etc.) unique to every confederate symbol that exists in the United States of America. Royalties from each sale will support black creators involved in the project and serve as a fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as well as a select non-profit voted on by BSM community members. 

This project will use blockchain technology to not only drive meaningful change but to expose the continued and widespread influence of the Confederacy.

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"People are trapped in history,
and history is trapped within them."

James Baldwin

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